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***All names have been changed to protect privacy***
Long before Dolly became a patient of mine, for years I had seen her walking around town. She was usually dirty and in bedraggled clothes. I didn’t know what her story was, I just knew that she looked like someone’s pitiful forgotten granny. And that her family didn’t seem to be taking care of her like they should be, if she had family. I often thought, “shame on them.”

One day, Dolly was brought in to the clinic by a local restaurant owner. As it turns out, Dolly frequented the restaurant, where she had been receiving a complimentary nutritious meal on a daily basis. When Dolly missed a couple of days at the restaurant, the Good Samaritan owner went to Dolly’s ramshackle home to check on her. She found Dolly in need of immediate medical care, as her breathing was very irregular. I found out that Carol from the restaurant was in no way related to Dolly, but had taken it upon herself to offer her assistance. Dolly was admitted to the hospital that day, and if Carol hadn’t intervened, Dolly probably would have died at home, alone.

Dolly recovered from that bout of pneumonia, but the years of no proper medical care had taken their toll on her. Not long after that, it was discovered that she had cancer. Carol continued to take her under her wing, taking her to doctor appointments, making sure that she ate properly, and even taking her into her home, when she needed a place to bathe and safely sleep. When Dolly was admitted to the hospital again, Carol visited her daily and was there to comfort her as she passed gently into the arms of The Lord.

I was a better person for having the opportunity to know Dolly. She was the sweetest soul that I had ever encountered. I was a better person for watching Carol take care of Dolly and offering her love and compassion, when no one else did. I know that Carol has a crown in heaven waiting for her. I can only hope to follow the example that she has set.

Sheryl Hall Moody
Certified Medical Assistant
Specialty Clinic Coordinator
Specialty Care Clinic
Saint Joseph – Berea

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