My Angel

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Late one afternoon I received a call from HR asking me if I had time to interview an applicant. The HR rep said she had a walk-in interested in my vacant position. I agreed and she walked the applicant to my office.

As my assistant, Roberta, and I talked with the applicant we learned she was an older lady taking classes for a degree in social services. She said she often came to the hospital’s chapel for the solitude. She lived in the area and felt she could concentrate and study better with the quietness in the chapel. She noticed the job posting and decided to apply. As we asked our interview questions, we noticed that she did not answer the questions directly. She talked about how she felt she was called to pray and talk to God about other people’s problems, needs or concerns.

When the interview was over Roberta voiced her concern that she really didn’t think she was right for the position. I agreed but knew she had come for this interview just for me.

Let me explain. Earlier that year my daughter-in-law was told she had throat and lung cancer. Surgery was not an option but she did treatments of radiation and chemo. I was not really concerned about her as I prayed every day for her. I knew that God would not take my grandchildren’s mother away. They were just 7 and 10. But he had other plans.

We learned of her cancer in January and in August she was gone. I was devastated. I could not believe it. I was so angry at God. Every time I thought about those kids being without their mother, I was mad all over again. This went on for several months. Then my applicant showed up.

While what she was saying didn’t make sense to Roberta, it made perfect sense to me. Somehow I knew God sent me this angel. I wish I could say being mad at God went away immediately but I can’t. What this lady told me helped me work through my anger. I know God sent her to help me because he knew it was hurting me. He could handle me being mad at him but knew I couldn’t.

Of course, God was in control. My grandchildren are fine. Later this year my grandson will graduate college after just 3 ½ years where he attended on a full scholarship. My granddaughter just graduated high school where she gave the invocation at her graduation. She received the highest honor for Girl Scouts, is active in her church and community, and is attending college on a full scholarship. I know God took care of them.

What happened to my applicant? You know, I never did receive an application she filled out. I don’t recall her name. I never saw or heard from her again. Did she continue to come to the hospital chapel area for the solitude? Did she help others without knowing it? I don’t know. I just know she was sent for me and I “Thank God” for my angel.

Virginia (Jennie) Chapman
Telecom Manager
Saint Joseph Hospital/Saint Joseph East
One Saint Joseph Drive
Lexington, Ky 40504

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