Miracles Come in All Sizes

October 19, 2011 1 Comment   

Miracles come in all sizes. There are the big highly-publicized miracles seen by many and then there are the small no-publicity miracles seen by just a few. This story is about one of the latter.

The Revenue Realization Center (Business Office) for Saint Joseph Health System in Lexington, Kentucky, started a charity fund last year to enable us to offer help to needy families throughout the year rather than only at Christmas. Barb Baumgardner with the Appalachian Outreach Program supplied us with several contacts in rural areas of the state. One such contact is Carol Brewer, a financial counselor with the Whitehouse Clinic in McKee, a small town in Jackson County, Kentucky. Carol calls us from time to time with opportunities for our fund to provide assistance to her patients.

Coming back from lunch one day I was presented with such an opportunity. Carol had left a message asking me to call. When I called, she told me the story of a woman whose husband had passed away less than a year ago. Carol said this woman was surviving on $183 per month along with $200 in food stamps. She asked the woman if there was anything the Clinic could do for her.

After telling Carol that the Lord would provide as He always had, the woman asked for a blood glucose monitor and supplies. She had been using her husband’s since he was older and able to get them through his Medicare coverage. Both she and her husband were diabetics. Since she was not of Medicare age she had not been able to purchase any supplies since her husband’s death. Carol told her that she might know someone who could help.

Where is the miracle? Now for the rest of the story. As I was reaching for my phone to call Carol, my phone rang. It was Torya Hamilton, a fellow collections specialist in the Revenue Realization Center. Torya had been cleaning her desk and packing for a move when she came across a brand new blood glucose monitor and supplies that she had purchased for a family member who had never used them. She asked if I knew of anyone who could use them as she wished to give them away. I told her that I was calling Carol in a few minutes and I would ask if she had anyone.

When Carol began telling me the story of her patient and her need, I knew that God’s hand was in this situation and Carol agreed once I told her about Torya’s offer.

Coincidence? I think not. Miracle? Definitely so!

Cynthia Crump
Collections Specialist
Revenue Realization Center
Saint Joseph Health System
One Saint Joseph Drive
Lexington, KY 40504

Appalachian Outreach Program, Saint Joseph Health System
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  1. torya hamilton says:

    I remember this. I remember trying to find someone to take for free. Everyone I asked said they didn’t need it and no one knew anyone that could use it. I am thankful that I was able to be a blessing to someone who was in need. It makes my soul happy just thinking about how The Lord worked this out, I couldn’t find anyone to take it, I was just trying to give it away. God knew that down the road there would be someone who really needed it. Who has a spare brand new blood glucose monitor and supplies in the desk drawer? who does that….. and for what….. those are all questions answered on the day i called cindy…

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